Wella Elements Shampoo & Conditioner

Happy Sunday everyone!

Over a while now I’ve been suffering from peeling of my scalp and I’m not quite sure what exactly is causing this problem.

My hairdresser said the peeling could be from a change of place and water (i.e Ireland to Spain), it could be that I’m stressed or it could be that I’m using very aggressive shampoos which are aggravating my scalp and causing it to peel.

So the hairdresser treated my scalp with a leave in treatment type conditioner from Nioxin and afterwards he rinsed it out with the Wella Elements Shampoo & Conditioner. He told me that this particular shampoo was sulfate-free and paraben-free and then gave me sample sized bottles of both the shampoo and conditioner to try at home.

I’m now coming into my 3rd week of using this particular shampoo and conditioner and I have to say that I do like it. After 2 weeks I feel it really does put moisture back into my hair and it nourishes it from root to tip. I also like the fact that I can wash my hair and it turns out just as nice without the use of harsh chemicals.

I’ve tried quite a few shampoos that are supposedly paraben-free and sulfate-free and I just can’t take a liking to them. I feel they don’t wash my hair properly and one in particular was leaving my hair very straw like.

As I’m running out of shampoo, I’m definitely going to buy the Wella Elements Shampoo & Conditioner next. I checked online and I see that they also have other products such as the reconstructing mask, the leave-in conditioning spray and the hair strengthening serum. I can already see myself being tempted by the other products aswell. If any of you would like to see a description of the products, just click here.

Anyway, I’ll leave it here today. On another note, I have a few new videos up on my Youtube account – so if any of you want to see them just click here.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

SYB xxx




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