Bobby Pins Your Way

Hey guys!

And happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Monday isn’t turning out to be too bad.

Seeing as Monday is generally not the best day of the week for many people I’m going to try help you get through it with some cheap and cheerful DIY Bobby Pins. Who doesn’t love some DIY now and again and especially so when it involves looking all nice and beautiful. (Check out my Youtube channel to see a tutorial on how to jazz up some plain bobby pins).

Recently I went shopping looking for some fancy bobby pins and I was extremely disappointed to find out that they were all so expensive. Every shop I went into was charging a fortune and I couldn’t justify spending 5-10eu on a handful of decorated bobby pins.

So I put my creative cap on and I came up with a cheap and cheerful way to spruce up some plain bobby pins. I opened my make-up drawer and I took out my bag of nail polishes… And what happened next was really very simple.

As you can see in the photos and/or Youtube tutorial, I basically just painted the bobby pins. I think it is a great idea as many of us have plain bobby pins and nail varnish lying around at home. Why not combine the two and you have snazzy jazzy new bobby pins for well under half the price of what’s in the shops.

There are a million and one different ways you can design the bobby pins. You can use different colours, mix and match colours, paint on some dots, paint on stripes, use all different types of glitter… the list is endless.

So I hope some of you take some inspiration from this post and you manage to design some new bobby pins. If you do get around to recreating them – I’d love to see how they turn out. You can tag me on social media (@styleyourselfbeautiful and/or #styleyourselfbeautiful and/or #syb).

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday.

SYB xxx


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