Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Happy Tuesday everyone!

With Spring in full swing and Summer around the corner I thought it would be apt to write a blog post (in conjunction with my Youtube tutorials) to fill you in on some great Spring/Summer Hairstyles.

To be honest I don’t think you need to have a very elaborate hairstyle for it to look all springy and summery. Some nice waves or slight curls and the addition of some flowers is the perfect combination in my opinion.┬áConsidering we are also coming into the bridal season I created a very simple but elegant DIY Bridal Updo.

So basically what I did was I created 2 bubble braids and then I just criss crossed them into a crown braid. I pinned them in place with some bobby pins and then in between each groove I placed some flowers.

In the other hairstyle, which is a half up half down hairstyle I just created a braid on one side, then I twisted a section of hair on the other side and I tied them in the middle with a clear elastic band. Finally, I decorated the braid with some flowers.

It might be easier to picture this if you head on over to my Youtube channel where you can find step by step tutorials on how to create Spring/Summer hairstyles. I have 2 up at the moment.

Anyway, if you do I really hope you can subscribe. All the support I can get would be absolutely great.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Lots of love,

SYB xxx


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