March Favourites!

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope the week has gotten off to a good start for you all. So I know we are in April but in today’s post I’d like to talk to you all about my March favourites – basically my top 3 favourite hair products I used in March.

To be honest, I didn’t buy as many hair products as I normally would but I’ll list off my favourite 3 hair products I bought last month.

Coming in at Number 3 is the Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo. I bought this recently in Druni, a Spanish drugstore for approx €3 and I have to say it was definitely worth the purchase. It is great for days when you don’t have much time yet you still need to freshen up your hair. One thing I really liked about this dry shampoo was that I found it didn’t leave as much residue as other dry shampoos normally do. The bottle I bought was 200ml and therefore for €3 I think it was quite reasonably priced. So yes, I would buy it again.

Coming in at number 2 is the L’oreal Heat Defence Spray. Seeing as I use hot styling tools quite often, it’s very important to protect my hair beforehand. I found the L’oreal Heat Defence Spray on offer for €4 and I just had to pick it up. It was my first time trying it out and honestly I was very happy with the result. I felt the spray really protected my hair from high heat and it also left a nice smell. It didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky like some other heat defence sprays do so I have no complaints whatsoever. Plus the fact that I got it on offer made it even better.

Finally, holding the number 1 spot is the Wella Elements Renewing Mask. This mask was actually gifted to me but I think it costs approx €15. I have only good words to say about this mask. From the very first time I used it I loved it. I noticed that after washing my hair it left it feeling very healthy and smooth. The smell was divine and on top of that it is paraben free. I find it hard to find nice masks that don’t have any parabens and silicones, but this one took me by surprise. All in all it is a great mask and I would definitely recommend it.

So there you have it, my top 3 favourite products I bought in March. I’ll do another blog post like this next month informing you of my April favourites.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

Talk tomorrow.

SYB xxx


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