Flower Crowns – Youtube tutorial

Hey guys,

So I know I have been talking about flowers alot recently but I just can’t help it. They are everywhere and whenever I see them I can’t help but think about how nice they would be in a hairstyle.

I have used them in different hairstyles which you can see on my Youtube channel. Now seeing as I had bought an entire bunch and I only used a handful in my hairstyles, I had a lot left over. I didn’t want to throw them out so I said I would make a flower crown… Which is what this post will be all about.

Flower crowns are a really nice way of changing up your everyday hair. You don’t have to do an intricate fancy hairstyle. You can just place the flower crown on your head and off you go.

So I had a bunch of baby’s breath and some really nice pink flowers. I just cut them up into small little bunches and then I just attached them to the hairband with some florist tape.

If you would like the flower crown to look fuller then simply add alot of flowers to the crown. However, if you would like it to look thin, then just be careful with the amount of flowers you place on it. You would be surprised at how a small number of flowers can actually look big on it.

If you are finding it hard to picture this method and you would like to see a video tutorial.. you can head on over to my Youtube channel. If you click here it will bring you straight to the video.

Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.

Until the next day,

SYB by Celina.


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